May the Month of Mary

Well may is here once again. We can play around the maypole.. hide from the maybugs.. or we can honor Mary.  She has so many Titles because she is so much a part of our lives.   This month Remember our lady which in French is Notre Dame.    Take a look at your mother and think of the love that was there with her as you were growing older.  She may have run away, she may have stayed. She may have caressed you, she may have hit you. But she was your mother.  IAll of our mothers have the shortcomings (Some greater than others) but she bore you.

This is a very important thing to remember. Being born is being part of life. Some children naturally  are miscarried. That is an unfortunate reality, but each of those children were alive and are part of the Body of Christ.  That is the real part of abortion providers I do not understand. They paid Judas 30 pieces of silver for Jesus. Judas  despaired but even he gave the money back… The abortionists don’t do that when they crucify the little babies.  The Potter’s field was bought because  the Pharasees could not keep the blood money.   They seemed to be a step above those that kill innocent children in the womb, take the money and buy lexus’ and Infiniti’s.

Mother Mary though can take all of that holds our hands and still loves us enough to bring us to our knees and pray for our sins to God.  Isn’t that the job of a Mother.. to guide us right into the arms of God. Sounds like a great plan to me at least !  So this May let us honor our Mother.. Our Love, Our Lady.  How many titles can you think of ?

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Mother’s At the Well

“Mothers At the Well Welcomes Frank Mercadante”

Join “Mothers At The Well” as we welcome Frank Mercadante, founder and Director of Cultivation Ministries, who will talk about the Millennial Generation: differences in generations; engaging teens in their faith; and pathways to passing on our faith to our teens.

Cost of program is $6 and $3 per child in childcare ($5 maximum per family).

To register, pick up a flyer in church in the well by the front door, or call Patty at 331-442-4043 to pre-register by phone and pay when you arrive.

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As a Catholic community we are so very blessed to have  Confession. I have lived in a time when there has been tried numerous ways of making it sound better.  We focus on a particular point At one time Penance was the “in” word.. but then someone thought well wait that focuses on the “punishment” we better call it reconciliation.  Albeit this is a good name as it does  recognize that we are bringing ourselves into alignment with God’s desires.  But let us all be honest here.. No matter what it is called it is not something we like to do!  

Okay we like to try and pretend we are perfect and given a chance we can explain an awful lot away.  I only did it because  XYZ  said it was alright.hmm Doesn’t that seem a bit like something I read somewhere..”The man replied, “The woman whom you put here with me—she gave me fruit from the tree, so I ate it.”   Somethings just don’t change… Original sin is what it is.

Jesus the Christ gave us confession. He above all knows what things pulls at man and woman to not do God’s will even when we so desperately want to.  But he knew how we could be put back into right order. Admit to the things we have done to possible offend God and offend out neighbor. Get it off your chest before it weighs you down and you are afraid of things that should make you thrilled !!  Jesus Christ is there with you. He may look like the priest  that had mass.. but Jesus is there.. and he can because He has been one of us.. He is not only fully God but has lived here on Earth.. feeling the same temptations, seeing the same scourges, and took all upon himself to open the pathways to Heaven.  There are  significantly more opportunities to head to confession at St. Patrick as well as all other parishes this year.

Let the mercy of God be upon each of you!


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Stations of the Cross

We would love to Thank everyone who participated in the Couples Stations of the Cross

It was a marvelous time with great food, reflection, Jesus and our marriages.  We will see you next in April !

Here the Marriage Team is explaining the order of the night

Here the Marriage Team is explaining the order of the nightAnd the Stations of the Cross were led by Father Moises.picture 2

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Men Walking With Christ (MWWC) Meeting

Join other faithful men from area parishes for breakfast!  Meets once a month on the second Saturday.

Confessions – 6:30 a.m.
Mass – 7:00 a.m.
Rosary, Topic/Speaker, Breakfast

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